Monday, April 14, 2014

Responsible Eating

I recently saw this quote on the Just Eat Real Food Facebook page and thought it was interesting.

My first reaction was "Yes! So true! This is me!!"

I started thinking about the foods that I can't eat responsibly.  These are the foods that I have intentionally stopped keeping around since I started this health journey.

My "Danger" Foods:
- cereal
- granola bars
- candy
- most ice cream
- cookies
- chocolate chips

Um...notice anything there?? Clearly, I have a bit of a sweet tooth. Or...maybe a carb tooth? Is that a thing? It is now.

When I talk "granola bars" - I don't mean Lara Bars (which I LOVE)...I mean anything Quaker/NutriGrain. I could eat a whole box of S'mores Quaker Granola Bars in about 10 minutes.

In terms of ice cream - I can have a pint of high quality, Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato in my fridge for a week or more. A half gallon of Turkey Hill, though? Could be gone in about 2 days.

The thing with these "danger" foods is this - the foods that cause me to go "off the rails" and eat a box of granola bars in one sitting are CRAP. They aren't even really food. They are "food like products".

Sure, I can do some damage with a jar of Blind Spot Squirrelly Tail Nut Butter and a spoon...but I truly couldn't eat a whole jar in one sitting. I couldn't even eat 1/4 of a jar in one sitting. (I know this because I happened to be in the kitchen with a peanut butter craving and a spoon just the other night)

When you eat REAL FOOD - the risk of binge eating goes down dramatically. I can be satisfied with a few spoonfuls of high quality ice cream, but I can eat an entire container of crummy stuff and not feel satisfied. One LaraBar is enough - I've never eaten more than 1 in a sitting and can't imagine ever eating a whole box.

Why? Because they're real food.

Your body wants real food.  Your body knows what to do with real food. It can use the nutrients in real food the way they're supposed to be used. 

Don't get caught in the "low fat" and "sugar free" trap!!! 

 Just eat real food.
Be satisfied.

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