Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Low Fat Trap

Monday, I talked about "danger" foods. One of the things I started ranting talking about was the real vs. fake food concept. I typed a whole bunch of thoughts and then realized that I had enough to warrant a separate post.

Let's start with looking at the Nutri-Grain bar.  This is an item you might pass by in the grocery store and think it looks healthy.  After all, the box says "made with whole grains"! It also contains "real fruit" and has "no high fructose corn syrup" - so it must be good for you, right?

Sorry to burst your bubble if you have a box of these suckers in your pantry right now but - they are not healthy.

There are more than 20 ingredients in a Nutri-Grain bar. Actually, there are more than 20 ingredients in just the outside "whole grain" part of the bar, not counting the filling! There are 5 different types of sugar in a Nutri-Grain bar (listed as sugar, dextrose, fructose, invert sugar, and corn syrup) along with a host of artificial ingredients and the dreaded food dye - Red 40.

Yesterday, I talked about how easy it is to overeat foods like this.  Well with all that sugar, it's no wonder!! Plus there really isn't anything particularly SATISFYING in this bar. Yes, it's low in calories (120), but that's because there isn't anything that's high in nutrients in this snack.

(Excuse the "practical" typo in this! I didn't create it!)

If something is advertised as "low fat" or "sugar free" - the first thing I do is look at the ingredients. If there's a huge list of ingredients filled with things I can't pronounce - I put it back. 

Low in fat = high in crap!

Let's look at another snack option of the "granola bar" variety - the Uber by Lara Bar. The ingredients are: roasted peanuts, almonds, brown rice syrup, semisweet chocolate chips, dates, honey, pecans, cashews, cocoa powder, sea salt, vanilla extract.

I bet you recognize all of those ingredients, and probably even have some of them in your house! Do you have any mono and diglycerides? How about some red dye 40? Or the super specific "natural and artificial flavors"? I don't even know where to go about getting those things. They don't sell them in the grocery store. They are not food. 

The more I have read and researched - and most importantly, experienced - with dieting, the more I realize it's the KIND of food we eat that is the most important! The Lara Bar is 90 more calories than the Nutri-Grain bar, but my body knows exactly what to do with those calories. 

Don't be scared away from highly nutrient dense, REAL food because it is higher in calories. Those calories are useful! Those calories are things your body understands. Don't fear fat. Fat doesn't make you fat. Sugar does. Chemicals that disrupt our hormones do. Be scared of those things. Add the avocado to your salad, sauté the veggies in a little coconut oil, and for goodness sakes - eat the dang yolk!!!!


  1. This so awesome!! I hope people get the message.

    Dad said you went Tom Newcomb on us...his favorite word...dang!!

  2. PREACH!!!!!!!!! This "real food" mentality is the way I try to feed my family, not by worrying about calories. I am behind you 100%!