Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Weekend I Didn't Run

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I didn't run this weekend. The plan I'm following for the Ocean City, MD Half Marathon had last week as "rest and recovery" - which meant no long run for the weekend, just a 4 mile regular run. 

Saturday, I was in the Poconos for Girlfriend Getaway. It was a great day of ministering, teaching, and having fun with some of my gal pals! (We still have one more conference coming up on May 3 in Pittsburgh if you'd like to join us!) Since this event is always a 12+ hour day, I planned a rest day and figured I would run my 4 Sunday with some friends.
The Sunday arrived - and so did some crummy weather. My plan this training season has been to run in pretty much all weather. I've run in rain, snow, wind, extreme cold, and even some nice days here and there! Sunday, however, was POURING rain mixed with sleet and snow, really windy, in the 30s, and there was some thunder to be heard. I debated and debated, and finally decided to NOT run. My Achilles tendon has been bothering me, so I took the extra rest day and spent the day in my PJs!

I snuggled with the cats (who are semi-getting along)... 

...did some extra quiet and devotional time...

...and just relaxed!

It felt great, and was a nice way to end a fairly crazy month. 

Yesterday, the spring session of Boot Camp started...and today I am feeling it! It was perfect - a relaxing Sunday of extra rest was just what I needed before jumping into April and a return to more workouts! 

I just hope we are FINALLY done with snow.... ;-)

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