Thursday, May 15, 2014


I saw this post over at Coffeecake & Cardio and decided to be a copycat! It's a little lighter than yesterday's post! If you missed that one - check it out here.

Current Book: I'm in the middle of several books actually!! I'm currently alternating between It Starts With Food (about the Whole 30 program - which I am planning to do this summer!) and Mile Markers by Kristen Armstrong. Mile Markers is a collection of short essays/stories about why women run. It's awesome - I definitely recommend it to my runner friends!

Current Tunes: I have a few favorite songs on repeat right now! Nichole Nordeman's version of "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" and Sarah Kelly's "Just As You Please" are my Christian faves right now. After the Brooklyn Half, I am going to share my half-marathon playlist! It's 2 hours of awesome.

Current Womp Womp: The weather! We're having this misty, humid, sort of chilly but also sort of hot weather right now. Blah!

Current Product Find: Pocket Fuel Naturals. This is a small, real food form of fuel that runners/athletes can use to replace Gu. I tried the Vanilla Haze - it's AMAZING. It's basically Nutella. Delish. I wouldn't necessarily take it on a run, but it was great in my oatmeal pre-run!

Current Drink: Water and Nuun! I love, love, love Nuun hydration for my runs - and even for just drinking when water is boring. Kara Goucher - one of my favorite female runners - recently signed with them, and until the end of May you can use the discount code "karalovesnuun" for 20% off! My favorite flavors are Cherry Limeade and Lemon-Lime (caffeinated), and also Lemonade and Grape (caffeine free)

Current Food: Asparagus! It's asparagus season here - and fresh asparagus is the best!

Current Favorite Show: "The Vampire Diaries" - currently binge watching it on Netflix. How did I miss this show??

Current Outfit: Plum skirt (looks black in the pic), black tee, big belt. Looks fancy - feels totally comfy.  My favorite kind of outfit!

Current Indulgence: This cake. I made it for my mom for Mother's Day. It's been in my fridge since Sunday and I've had exactly 2 slivers.(recipe here)

Current Wants: SUMMER!!! (less than 20 school days left - woohoo!)

Current Blessing: My amazingly awesome parents are in town!!! Just this week alone, they have purchased and installed a window AC unit into my bedroom (my house has central air, but is old and has poor circulation so my room is always hot), purchased and installed a baby gate in the doorway to my attic (so I can let the heat rise, but keep the cats out! Both of these items were a total surprise to me!!!), filling my tank with gas, washing/vacuuming my car, cleaned my house, and cooked me some meals.  And no - they aren't for rent and they can't come to your house because they are too busy at mine! :)

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