Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Five - MOM!!!

5 Reasons My Mom is Awesome
(me, Mom, Grandma)

1. She is the first person I go to for advice. When I have a crazy idea (like "I think I might change my registration for Baltimore from the half marathon to the full") - she is a great sounding board! She usually encourages me to do whatever the crazy thing is, too.

2. She is a great cook. It's easy to see where I got my love of cooking from! My mom and I share recipes all the time. She likes healthy, flavor filled food - and everything she cooks is awesome!

3. She is living the dream. Seriously - my parents retired, sold their house, bought an RV, and drove off into the sunset. They're hiking and biking and kayaking and seeing all kinds of amazing places. I love that they value these experiences and staying active!

4. She is a cleaning machine. I definitely did not inherit my mom's love of being neat. No matter how many times I scrub my bathtub, it is never as shiny as when my mom comes and cleans. And yes, I am 32 years old and my mom still cleans my house when she visits. I don't force her to - but I don't turn it down either!!

5. She still cries when I leave. Whenever I visit, as we drive to the airport, my mom cries. We really are best friends, and it makes me feel so very loved that even in my 30s, I am still my parents' little girl!

Thanks, Mom, for putting up with me. I know I was not an easy kid - and probably am still not!! Thank you for dealing with my stubbornness, my independence, my moods, my messiness, and everything else. It takes a strong woman to have spent all of those years raising me!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

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  1. What's there to this the Best Daughter ever!! Yes, I am crying now as I read this.

    Thank you:) So glad we are in town so we can spend the whole weekend together!!!! By Monday you will be glad to get back to work:)

    Love you very much!!