Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Five - Random Updates

1. I decided not to run the Double a Creek Half Marathon next month. I've run 3 half-marathons in the last 3 months, and marathon training starts the Monday after DC. If I ran that half, I'd be looking at mostly double digit long runs every weekend until October. Plus, my weekends the next 3 weekends don't have a lot of room for long runs, so this works out. I am running a 5k on Memorial Day and will do the Double Creek 5k instead!

2. 6 different friends are running their first full marathons at our local Bob Potts Marathon on Sunday!!! I'm so excited for them. My friend Steph and I are getting together to make signs tonight. I'm also sympathy carb-loading. Haha!

3. I love summer evening runs. Last night I set out around 7:15, and the evening was just perfect! At one point, I saw these kids chasing each other around their yard and it was the perfect reminder of how running should feel. It should make you feel free and happy and like a kid again!

4. I needed that free and happy kind of run because I have been in a lazy mood this week. I haven't been eating the best, and have taken several rest days. I'm okay with this because I know it's what my mind needed. And tonight's run reminded me of what I love about running - the joy it makes me feel!

5. It is FINALLY Friday. But it is still not summer. Sigh. 

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