Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Race Weekend Events

This weekend was an exciting one in terms of racing! I raced on Monday, but before that, I was a race supporter!! The Bob Potts Marathon ran down the local rail trail here in York County. This race is a small marathon - only 500 runners allowed - and they don't even chip time it because they don't need to! Last year 25% of the runners qualified for Boston in this marathon. It's a flat, fast course!

We had one of our Gruver Fitness Bootcamp friends (Reggie) running his first marathon, and I knew several others running as well.  My co-workers and friends, Jamie and Kelly, and 2 other friends (Nina and Lisa) were also running their first marathons.

Because we're crazy (and because it was literally 5 minutes from my house), we headed out to our first spectating spot (around mile 1.5) at 6:15am. The sun was just rising. My first sign said "You could be at an IEP meeting" since several of my friends are teachers of learning support students! Apparently there were a lot of teachers in the race because the sign got several laughs!

We then grabbed some food and coffee, plus 2 other friends, and headed to the turnaround point just after 13 miles. This was a great place because we got to see everyone twice!

Jeremy caught this moment of hilarity on camera. When I saw Jamie and Kelly coming, I was jumping up and down yelling. I dropped my sign and ran alongside them to the turnaround and back. Somehow, Jamie completely missed my hot pink sign and yelling, so this is her going "It's you! I didn't see you there!!!" HAHA! 
I ran the Bob Potts Marathon! (Ok, I ran like a quarter mile of the Bob Potts Marathon)

We cheered again at mile 16, mile 22.5, and then headed to the FINISH LINE!
Jamie and Kelly finished in just under 4:30! 

Reggie finished at 4:59! 
On Monday morning, I ran the York Gold Star Memorial 5k. I have only run one 5k since December, and that was the snowy/icy Saginaw 5k. My December race was a PR (26:12), but I've also run 3 half marathons between then and now - so I had no idea what to expect in this race.

I set out with the goal of running a PR - and basically just running as fast as I could without throwing up. 

I didn't know much about this course, it was described as "mostly road, some trail, with a gentle hill in the middle". It basically circled around the parking lot of a local park, through some gravel alongside the baseball fields (which I thought must be the "trail" - I was WRONG), and then headed up a definitely-not-GENTLE hill. The hill was STEEP. And then it headed uphill some more...into a legit trail before coming back through the parking lot course.  

You can see by my mile splits (8:00/9:39/8:30) which mile held the hill and trail!!! The 8:00 mile is a one mile record for me - so I was pumped about that! I ended up with a time of 27:00 even. It wasn't a PR, but it sure would've been without that middle part! I was really happy with how I ran.

Also, having checked out last year's finisher times, I thought I could possibly place in my age group...and I did!!! It's my first award ever.

(and...there were 8 people in my age group, not just 3 of us like I had feared - haha!!)

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