Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marathon Training Is ON!



It seems really overwhelming and crazy -  especially for my friends who are not runners, when they hear me say "I started marathon training".  Then they ask what I ran...and I answer with "3 miles". HAHA! It is kind of underwhelming when your first marathon training workout is 3 miles. But never fear - it gets worse.  Or better, I guess, depending on how you look at it!
I sat down last week with my "Believe I Am" Training Journal  and did a little goal setting. 

Here are my big goals...
1. Feel JOY in running. Marathon training is a little daunting. 15+ mile runs are going to be tough, but I want to feel the joy of running and run because I just love it!
2. Run even when it feels hard. It's really the only way to learn how to push through the tough stuff.
3. Stick to my training plan. This shouldn't be too hard. My friend, Mark, is also running Baltimore as his first full, and we already work out together regularly, so we're following the same plan. 
He's probably regretting this decision and already annoyed at the number of times I've texted him about training plans.  HA!!  I have some awesome other running buddies who are training for various races too, so I'll never be without a partner to help entertain me!
4. Pray. Before I did my first run, I sat and prayed over my training. Praying before each run helps remind me of my purpose. It helps keep me focused.

So, "Marathon Monday" will be making it's debut next week - because I kinda forgot about it this week. I'll post my weekly workouts and probably only my mom and dad will actually read them, but that's okay. They are my #1 fans, after all. (Hi Mom and Dad!)

Run happy, friends! :-)

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  1. Yes, we'll be following along:) And we are your biggest fans, for sure!! Love you