Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Marathon Motto

This morning, my "Fab Five" girlfriends and I were texting about running and workouts. We're all in kind of different places in our fitness journeys right now, and it's always so encouraging to chat with them. We were talking about giving ourselves credit for the hard work we do, and I shared my motto for this marathon training -- and realized I hadn't shared it here. 

Every time I get ready to run lately, I think this:

I even wrote it on my shoes. That's the goal of my marathon training: get stronger with every run. In the July heat and humidity, and with increasing mileage, I just can't focus on getting faster. But I can focus on getting STRONGER. I can give myself credit for getting out there - even when it's hot and humid and I don't feel like it and I won't be as fast as I am in the winter. I'm out there.

One of the fab five said this -- "I'm 46 years old and I'm gonna try to start giving myself more credit for getting out there than beating myself up for not being good enough or fast enough or long enough." 


This is what we - as women, as runners, as friends, as athletes - need to be doing. Giving ourselves some credit! We're getting out there. We're making the hard choice. We're not taking the easy way out! We're getting off the couch, putting in the work, and showing ourselves how strong we are.

So keep going.

Give yourself some credit!

You're awesome!


  1. Absolutely love this post. I too am training for a full marathon in December as part of the #Saucony26strong program, my first ever. I am scared sh$tless but doing it anyway. At 43, {44 in 4 days!!!}, I just started running 2.5 years ago...and I am what I consider a slow runner but like you, for this journey I am focused on endurance, getting the miles in and getting stronger and staying healthy. My goal is to cross that finish line with a smile on my face! GOOD LUCK TO YOU TOO!!! LOVE following you!