Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Blogger

Typically during the summer I blog pretty frequently but clearly, that hasn't been the case lately! I've been busy doing lots of fun things!

I ran 12 miles for my long run 2weeks ago with my motto penned on my hand. I chose a 12 mile route that is really hilly. The Baltimore Marathon course is described as hilly, and so was the half course last year. So I'm following a similar training strategy to what I did last year for the half - train on the biggest hills I can find. The 2.5 mile climb halfway through my 12 miles was no joke, but I conquered it!

That same weekend, some friends and I spent Saturday tubing on the Yellow Breeches Creek. There are few things more relaxing and fun than 6 friends + 1 cooler of adult beverages floating down a creek - no cell phones allowed. This is the only picture we took all day, and it was nice to be unplugged even for just a few hours.

Before we hit the creek to float, my pal Steph and I were spectators at a local 5k. I toyed with running it, but ended up deciding that I just didn't want to. Plus it was fun to actually see my speedier running folks, like my friends Justin and Mark, cross the finish line! They're typically across the line well before I even have it in my sights!


This week I went kayaking with my friend, Shea (who crafts and creates at Mack Made), went hiking with Michelle and Levi, went hiking again with my friend Kim and her kids, and worked on some online class work.  There's been movie watching, dinner cooking, game playing, and pool time mixed in there too. I have to say, this summer I've spent far less time with Netflix than usually do during the summer. While it is making the summer fly by quickly, it's also so full of fun that I'm enjoying every second of it! 

And in other news, I got some new kicks! I've been a loyal Brooks gal for awhile now, but Mizuno Wave Riders were my first pair of running shoes ever. I even blogged about them once here! Last month, Zulily had Mizuno gear for insanely low prices. I saw these Wave Rider 17s for $67 and couldn't resist.  I wanted something with a little more cushion for marathon long runs, and these are perfect. I may also have grabbed a pair of Wave Sayanoras too. For $67 - how could I resist? They're $115 regularly!! I think my first run in my Wave Riders was a smashing success, so they're a keeper for sure!


  1. I Just ordered wave inspire 10s from zulily for $69 (same shoe I've been running in but half the price)! They are having another mizuno event this weekend too! Looks like you are having a great summer!