Thursday, July 17, 2014

That's my JAM - Jamberry Nails Review!

Have you heard about Jamberry nails?

I'm a low-maintenance gal. My hair stylist (who I haven't visited since November) calls me "no muss, no fuss" -- so true! But, I do enjoy make up and sometimes I even curl my hair (though it took me until I was 32 to figure out how to do this).

Occasionally I even get really fancy and do my nails. But then approximately 10 minutes later, I get annoyed because I bump my wet nails on something and mess up the polish. And then a few hours later, the polish chips and I am mad that I wasted my time.

Enter - Jamberry.

These nail wraps are so much fun!!!

Aren't they cute?? 


The big question I wondered was -- how long do they last? Well here they are after 6 full days! There's a little rubbing on the tips, but this is 6 days people!! 2 pool days, boot camp workouts, and my toes even looked perfect after an 11 mile long run. I am not gentle on my nails either.

The cost is about $15 a sheet. I did a full set of fingers plus my big toes in the pink wraps, and still have enough on the sheet to do at least 2 more manicures. So, at least a month of chip-free nails for $15? Yes, please!

They apply pretty easily with just a pair of manicure scissors, a cuticle pusher, and a hair dryer. You basically trim them, heat them, and put them on your nails.

I love the fun patterns and colors they come in! You can get jams for all kinds of sports and hobbies too! They have this adorable purple one with a runner girl on it that I just must get!

I found a great Jamberry review on a blog that you can check out here!

If you want to try Jamberry for yourself, I'm having a little online party. Check it out HERE!

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