Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Training Update and a Wedding!

Sooooooooo how did I get to week 12 of marathon training already? And are there really only 36 days until I actually run this thing?!

A part of me is at the point where I'm ready to just get the race over with. I've been training for 3 months now, and combining that with the longest months of the year (aka - the first few weeks of school), it feels like I've been training forever.

I kinda didn't believe people when they said marathon training consumes your life. I should've believed them. It really does. Even if it's not the actual running, it's thinking about running - mapping long runs, planning runs, buying fuel for runs, washing laundry so my favorite long run pants are clean. Man oh man!!!!

After my super rough 17 miler a few weeks ago, I was ready to tackle my 18 the next week and make it a great run. By the way, thank you for the many, many kind and encouraging words and comments on that blog! I can't tell you how many times I thought about your comments and it kept me going on my 18 miler!

My 18 mile run had to be done on a Friday afternoon because that weekend there was a big event! One of my best friends got married!!! (more on that below) Luckily, we had teacher inservice that Friday so I was able to drink lots of water and sit most of the day so my legs would be rested. I planned an 18 mile route from my school. It contained some Rail Trail, and beautiful country roads. I planned it so that I would hit a water fountain and bathroom (at Brillhart Station, for my local friends) at the halfway point.

I, unfortunately, didn't look too closely at the elevation of this run. And thus spent miles 14.5-16.5 climbing. I walked when I needed to, and just enjoyed the beautiful surroundings! I felt great and being able to complete 18 miles on a Friday afternoon after the 2nd week of school gave me confidence that I'll be able to conquer 26.2 on fresh legs!


Now for the wedding. Let me tell you - my girl is beautiful, and I mean that both inside and out. I had the privilege of standing beside her as a bridesmaid. The wedding was at Lakeview Farms in Dover, PA. It's a beautiful setting! Bethany and Seth got married outside with the lake behind them and trees overhead. The reception took place in the barn on site. Bethany did an amazing job planning the reception with a rustic, shabby chic - but with a touch of glam - kind of feeling. It was a gorgeous day and so much fun!

Once the photographer (who was our fabulous friend Jessica Velarde) shares the photos with the newlyweds, I'll post more because they are going to be awesome!!! Jess was so much fun to work with and has this really unique eye for capturing moments. I can't wait to see all of her pictures from the day!

Here's a few photos from the day courtesy of my iPhone!

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