Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Book Review: "Onward!"

I recently finished Onward: The absolute, no B.S., raw, ridiculous, soul-stirring TRUTH about training for your FIRST MARATHON by Brook Kreder. (Check out more info HERE!)

I couldn't have picked a better book to be reading during marathon training. The title is completely accurate. Brook doesn't pull any punches or sugar coat her journey.

If you are a runner, especially a female runner - you will appreciate this book! It was perfect motivation for my training, especially as I approached high mileage runs. I highlighted and snapped pics of so many moments in the book that I identified with.

"Run when you want to. Run when you don't. Run when you're sad. Run when you're pissed. Run when you're feeling hella good. It's all part of showing up and proving to yourself you can and will do this...regardless of the circumstances."

The book is an edited compilation of the blog Brook kept during her training cycle, starting at Day 1. She's sarcastic, honest, inspiring, and funny. It might sound weird, but there were times during my long runs that I was thinking of things I had read in the book the night before and it felt like I had a virtual running buddy. To read about someone else's experience doing the same thing you're currently doing - it's a great encouragement.

So, if you're a female runner looking for a little smart ass inspiration, this one is for you. Download it today!

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(Just for the record - no one asked me to do this review or gave me free stuff for doing it. I just liked the book and thought you might too!)

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