Monday, September 29, 2014

Marathon Monday - Taper Time

This weekend was the beginning of the end of marathon training. I can't believe it!!! I ran my second 20-miler on Saturday morning. It was beautiful weather, unlike my first 20 where it rained for the first few miles!

I met up with some friends who had 10 miles to run, so I could have some company for the first half of my run. I ran 10 with them, stopped at my car to refill water, and headed out to do the 10-mile route again! Along the way, my friends Jeremy and Steph both did drive by cheers for me (and Jeremy shared some much needed Gatorade) - so that was a nice encouragement! I also came back to a few signs on my car - so fun!

After an ice bath, some yoga, and a massage - I recovered nicely! 

And now...

What is taper anyway? It's basically a tapering of my mileage the 2-3 weeks before the race. This allows my body to rebuild and refuel so that it's rested and ready to conquer 26.2! I'll do a 12-mile long run this weekend and 8-mile run the weekend before the marathon. 


  1. That ice bath doesn't look fun at all. I shiver just looking at it...brrr!

  2. Way to go!!! I am just starting to amp up my mileage...have now crossed over from half marathon training to full freaking marathon training for my first ever marathon in Honolulu in December as part of the Saucony26strong program. I have a 14 miler this longest training run ever...longest has been 11 miles. I have done 4 half marathons so keep telling myself that its ONLY 0.9 miles more!!!