Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pumpkin ALL THE THINGS! {a giveaway}

It's fall...and that means....

Now let me be clear...not all things should be pumpkin spiced. M&Ms, for example...and Hershey Kisses..and Greek yogurt...and some coffee. Bleh. Ok, I'm a little picky about my pumpkin flavors.

The reason is --- I don't like pumpkin pie.

I know. It's practically un-American.

It's a texture thing really.

I do, however, like a lot of pumpkin spiced things.

Like....this nut butter.  From (who else), Blind Spot.

Fellow Nutbutter Addict, Laura, called Sheri (half of the BSNB owner duo) a "nut butter wizard" and I have to say, this is an accurate description. This flavor is fantastic! It's the perfect mix of nut butter and fall spices. I've been enjoying it every morning on a slice of wheat toast topped with an egg. I know, that sounds weird - but it's delicious!

And because BSNB is awesome -- they want to share some of this Pumpkin Pie yumminess with you guys! BSNB is creating these "Local Love" baskets filled with goodies from around Southern PA. This basket contains products from BSNB, Simply Ghee, Nuts About Granola, and RelishThis !

One of you all will win by entering below!

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  1. my favorite pumpkin spice product is any flavored tea! Lipton makes a great pumpkin chai…. YUMMMY I am super excited to try to win

  2. I love my pumpkin spice protein shakes- those or pancakes!

  3. The coffee and donuts from Dunkin!

  4. Love me some pumpkin donuts! :)

  5. Mine is Pumpkin Spiced Latte
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