Friday, October 17, 2014

Baltimore or Bust!

Hello from Charm City! We made it to Baltimore (ok, it's only an hour away), hit the expo, and met my friend Dawn and her husband for some carb loading in Little Italy. 

Mark and I both had some hiccups in our mornings. He dropped his house key on his 2 mile shake out run and ended up doing almost 4 miles since he had to retrace his steps! Thanks to the change from humid, wet weather to blue sky and sunshine, I woke up with an awful sinus headache. The weather changes like that are horrible for my head. I shuffled through my shake out miles and felt horrible. After a little vomiting (sorry for the TMI), I felt better though. I haven't had a puke worthy headache in a long time! It's now almost 9pm and I still have a headache, but it's tolerable. 

Hopefully a few hours of sleep will get rid of the last of the headache and I'll be race ready tomorrow. 

26.2 -- here I come!

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