Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Born for This

As I left my running group behind and started out alone on a second lap around our 10-mile course, a song played on my iPod that I had never run to before - Mandisa's "Born for This". Starting of with a simple, driving, haunting cello solo...leading into a strong, steady beat, the words were exactly what I needed. 

"Feels like I've been holding my breath, trying to still my restless heart. Everything hangs on my next step, finding my nerve, playing my part."

Yes, that is how I was feeling at that moment. I ran the first 10 miles with friends. We chatted and sang silly songs and laughed and griped together. But now, I was alone for the next 10. 

And while I will have other runners and spectators along the course, the reality is that I have 26.2 miles to run by myself. 

"Sometimes you've gotta stand apart from the crowd..."

By myself -- but not alone. 

"I'm standing on the top of the shoulders, calling the One delivering me."

I don't worry about the miles. I don't wonder if I can do it. It's not my race, anyway. It's His race, I'm just the feet pounding the pavement. 

"One step. One move. Born to trust You. Made to lay my life before You. Long before your heart could run the risk: you were born for this."

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