Thursday, October 16, 2014


I had heard and read about the so-called "taper crazies" from a lot of sources. I knew to expect a crazy appetite, sluggish legs, moodiness, possible illness, and all forms of hypochondria. I did not expect the complete and total feeling of CRAZY that I've been experiencing this week!!!

I simply can not get it together. I feel like my mind is not just a hamster on a wheel, but that there are about 50 hamsters and they're all on their own wheels going at different paces in different directions. I have substitute plans to write for Friday (which, if you're a teacher, you know it takes longer to write 1 day of sub plans than it does sometimes to write an entire week of regular plans), laundry to do, meals to make, things to pack, lesson plans for next week to do, etc. My classroom feels disorganized. My house feels disorganized. MY LIFE FEELS DISORGANIZED.

I spent 2 hours in Starbucks yesterday writing lesson plans, and blogs, and grading papers. I do feel better. But the hamsters in my brain are still running. Can it please just be race time already???

(P.S. Forgive, in advance, my Friday and Saturday blogs - they will be coming to you via the Blogger iPhone app...because, in case you missed it, I'M RUNNING A MARATHON ON SATURDAY!)

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  1. I guess all this makes sense since training has been going on for so many months. Sunday's feelings will be interesting. Good luck Saturday!! Love you all the way.