Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Faves - 31 Days #3

For the "Friday Faves" posts, I'll be sharing some of my favorite running/healthy living essentials. I have a new, fabulous running accessory. Sparkly Soul Headbands !! 

I might have a strangely shaped head, because I can never get any headbands to stay put. The slide off even with those little rubber grip things on the inside. I have seen 2 different types of headbands at race expos that I've wanted to try - Sweaty Bands and Sparkly Soul. At the Philly Rock 'n' Roll Expo, I decided I was buying one of them. I went back and forth between the 2, but ended up with the Sparkly Soul.

I love all of the designs that Sweaty Bands has available, but Sparkly Soul has no black piece of elastic at the bottom, and that's why I chose them.

I bought 4 skinny bands at the Expo, because skinnier headbands have stayed on my head the best. I got 2 pinks, 1 purple, and 1 black. Then they had an Instagram contest and I won a free headband! I wanted to try the wider ones, so I chose a wide silver. I figured if I hated it, at least it was free.

But guys -- these headbands are FANTASTIC.

I ran 13.1 SWEATY (90% humidity!) miles in the skinny purple one in Philly and that thing DID NOT BUDGE. I didn't even know it was there either because they are super comfy!

I tested the wide silver one for 5 miles this week and it, too, didn't move an inch!

I am in love. The Sparkly Soul peeps said they are hoping to be at the Baltimore Running Festival Expo...and they are doing a "Run Baltimore" band - so you'd better believe that sucker will be MINE!

(No one compensated me for this review or gave me free stuff for the review - I just genuinely love these headbands and wanted to share with you! But, if you did want to give me free headbands, I would be okay with that too!)

(P.S. Looking for a little motivation? I'm playing in a DietBet challenge where we will all compete to lose 4% of our weight in four weeks. The game will start on 10/06/2014. Join me today 

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  1. I'll refrain from making a comment about your head shape!!! You got that problem from John:)