Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Faves - Get the Right Shoes!

All of this happiness arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Kara Goucher on the cover of Runner's World, new shirts and a pair of capris from Under Armour (check out their outlet/sale site online, great deals), and most importantly: NEW SHOES!

If you're a new runner, or thinking about becoming a runner, I can't stress enough how important getting the correct pair of shoes is. This doesn't mean buying the prettiest shoes you can find...though I do try to pick colors I love! 

Go to a local running store -- not a big box sports retailer. Local running specialty stores are typically staffed by runners, so they can give you authentic information. In the York area, my favorite is Flying Feet Sport Shoes on Mt. Rose Avenue. Greg Baum, the owner, is a runner and former teacher. (Teachers - you get a 10% discount at Flying Feet!) The people that work for him are runners and they are patient. They will watch you walk and/or run, bring out a whole bunch of shoes for you to try on, and then go through the testing process.

My first ever pair of "real" running shoes that Flying Feet recommended were the Mizuno Wave Rider. At that time, Mizuno was on the 15th version of this shoe. They were comfy, supportive, and came in pink - SOLD! 

Since then, I've tried the Brooks Ghost and the Brooks Pure Flow. I LOVED the Pure Flow 2 - in fact, there are 4 pairs in my house right now.

However, as marathon training ramped up, I knew I would need a shoe that offered a little more cushion and support. The Pure Flows are more minimalist. Luckily, around that time, Mizuno was featured on Zulily. So...I went back to my roots, and bought a pair of Wave Rider 17s for $67. (They retail for upwards of $120) I figured if I didn't love them for runs, I would wear them around for casual stuff. 

But I loved them.

My feet are in better shape now than they were during all of my half training last year. Callouses and blisters and partially missing toenails are GONE. I never thought I'd have better feet during marathon training than I did during half training. 

My feet are proof that the right shoes are KEY to running! 

This month, Mizuno debuted the 18th version of the Wave Rider. That means the 17s are on SALE. After some calls to local places, who didn't have them in stock, I ended up ordering online. I found the perfect pair of purple and pink shoes for $69 at Holabird Sports.
Aren't they pretty?

Even though I've only been running in the old ones for about 3 months, they're pretty beat up.

So, with some new shoes and some new clothes and plenty of training...I'm ALMOST ready to run a marathon!!

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