Sunday, October 19, 2014

Marathon Questions

It's official - I can now add "marathon" to my running resume!

I'll have a full race report tomorrow, but for now here are the answers to some of the most popular questions I've been asked lately!

1. How are your legs feeling?
They've been getting a little more stiff/sore as the day has gone on. We went out in Baltimore last night, and my legs were tired but not too tired for a little dancing! Today we walked around a little, and while I could definitely feel soreness in my legs, the real challenge came when I stepped off a curb -- stairs are not my friend! I'm hoping an Epsom salt bath and another good night of sleep will help me wake up feeling refreshed tomorrow!

2. Were the last 6.2 miles the worst?
For me, no. The middle 8 miles were the worst for me. At mile 21, I knew I had made it last mile 20, and with 5.2 to go, I didn't doubt that I would finish. Also, at this point we were on the half marathon course and I was remembering it from last year, which provided good distraction. 

3. Will you run a marathon again?
Yes. Absolutely. I'm not sure when, probably not next year but we'll see. During my first half, I remember thinking "I don't even want to finish this race let alone ever run a full!" Famous last words, right? I did think "I'm not doing this again" for a brief moment yesterday but I quickly laughed and realized I totally will do it again. I trained injury free, I didn't have any crazy pains during the race, and I think I'll recover well. So yes, another 26.2 will happen. 

4. How were the hills?
Baltimore is often called a "tough course" and is notoriously hilly. However, if you train in southern Pennsylvania, hills have a different meaning. The first 3 miles were all a gradual uphill, but there weren't any hills that made me cringe on the whole course. There were an equal amount of downhills and flats. I love this course! 

Check back tomorrow for the race recap!

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