Saturday, October 4, 2014

Run For the Sun 5K Recap - 31 Days #4

For today's "Selfie Saturday" post, I'm sharing a race recap from a 5K I ran this morning! The "Run for the Sun" 5k is a local race sponsored by a realtor in our area. The race benefits the Sunshine Kids Foundation, which provides support for kids receiving cancer treatment. With a great cause to support, plus organization by someone from the boot camp I attend, this race was a "must do" event!

Since I had 4 miles on my training schedule, I met Steph and Jeremy for a little 1 mile warm up before the race. The Gruver Fitness gang had an impressive showing at the race, so of course we snapped a group photo before we started! 

 Steph and I before the race! 

I wasn't sure how I wanted to run this race until I actually started. I knew I wanted to run it quickly, just to test myself, but I wasn't sure if that meant sticking with a 9:30ish pace and just going for an under 30:00 race...or looking for close to a PR. When we started, my legs felt loose and good, so I just decided to run as fast as I could and see what I came out with!

Erica, the other Gruver Fitness trainer, was doing traffic along the course so she snapped this great pic! This was right before the last half mile of total DOWNHILL to the finish - boy that felt awesome!

 40 seconds off of a PR! That felt awesome, because with the focus on marathon training, I haven't done any speed training at all. This was my 2nd fastest 5k ever, so I can't wait to see what I can do with some focused speed training after the marathon! 

Speaking of speed, this guy placed 3rd in his age group and took home some prizes!

(P.S. I updated my blog a little, so if you're in a reader - click on over and check it out! Thanks, Jeremy Gruver, for the great pic that's now my header! He snapped that at about mile 17.5 of my 20 mile run last weekend!)

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