Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Path - 31 Days #5

Since I started my running journey, I've looked up lots of verses in the Bible that are running related. Isaiah 40:31 (those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength...they will run and not grow weary) and Hebrews 12:1 (let us run with perseverance the race marked out before us) are written on my running shoes. A reminder of 1 Corinthians 9:26 (I do not run like someone running aimlessly) is often written on my hand during long runs as "run with purpose". 

I thought I knew all of "the good" verses about running, but the other day I was reading a devotional at (in)courage, and came across one that I had never picked up on before - Psalm 119:32.

I am absolutely in love with these words! I've said before that this marathon was a seed planted by God, because I certainly had no plans of running a marathon this year. But, He has set my heart free from the doubts and the worries and the "what if I can't" and I find myself running this path that He has set before me. These verses all come together when I run. I get tired, but I don't grow weary. I run with purpose and I run with perseverance, and in 12 days I will run the race He has set before me.

The devotional (read it here) was called "Trust the Path". The basic summary was that if we are on a path that God has set us on, we don't have to know every turn and every twist. We don't have to worry or wonder about the destination. Our job is to trust the path. Trust the One who made the path. 

This verse is about more than simply running for me, though. There's another situation in my life (besides the marathon) that is forcing me to trust His path. It's something that I've been praying about for almost 10 months now, something that I'm in the midst of and that I keep looking up and just asking "I'm on the right path, aren't I God?"

It's reminding me of a blog my friend, Michelle, wrote last month called "Don't Look" (go read it here). Her son, Levi, has been learning to ride his bike, and one of the lessons they've taught him is to keep his eyes facing forward. As a cautious kids, one of the natural tendencies when learning to ride is to glance back, just to be sure mom or dad is still there. But what happens when you do that? You end up crashing - because when you're riding a bike you need to keep looking forward.

So I feel like between that and the "Trust the Path" idea, and the countless times I've asked God if I REALLY am on the right path...He's gently reminding me that I am. I've prayed about this, I keep praying about it, and there are so many people in my life praying about it, too. My job is to trust the path, keep my eyes forward, and to continue to persevere in this situation that God has brought me to...because the results could be pretty fantastic.

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  1. Wow...another great post my dear. I swear you and I are on the same path...thank you for putting into words what I am feeling and can't quite put into words yet!