Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Random Thursday Thoughts...

1. ZERO WEEK: This is the week after you run a marathon where you let your body rest and repair from the 26.2 miles of pounding it just went through. I have only run 2 miles this week -- my lowest mileage week since I started running!  I did NOTHING but walk around Baltimore a little, clean, and go to work Sunday-Tuesday. Wednesday I did 2 easy miles. Today I did power yoga. Saturday I will do kickboxing. Sunday I am going to Gettysburg to cheer on some friends doing the half marathon there. It's been a nice down week. Next week, it's game on! Back to strength training and regular running! 

2. YOGA. Gosh I just really, really, really love yoga. I used to hate it. Kinda like running. Yoga was my main form of cross training during marathon training. It's not just a bunch of fantastic stretches. Yoga can be a great strength workout. Go try it!

3. SORE. I'm going to be so sore next week. I've been getting daily emails from a group at school who does CrossFit style workouts after work. Next week I will FINALLY get to join them a few times. I haven't lifted a weight since August. It's going to hurt. And I can't wait!!

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  1. Getting back to a mix up of workouts will be great fun. The change will do the body good:)