Thursday, October 9, 2014

Weather and Baseball

What you see there is something I can't believe. My marathon countdown is single digits and we are officially in the 10-day weather forecast!!!

What this means is that at least 5 times a day for the next 9 days I will be checking the weather. I'm really not overly concerned about it, but a nice day would be great. I've run in heat, humidity, rain, wind, snow, and polar vortex. The weather won't stop the race, I just keep praying that God would bless us with beautiful weather!

Thing thing that is really getting in the way of the race is the Orioles. As far as I know, since I'm not a baseball fan, the O's haven't been that great since I was in high school. Figures the year I run a freaking marathon they're amazing. 

The problem is, if the playoffs go to a game 6, it will occur in Baltimore on the Friday night before the race. The O's play at Camden Yards, which also happens to be the location of the FINISH LINE. So, if game 6 happens - the finish line will be moved. Not really a huge deal, but I did love running through Camden Yards last year and will be bummed if it doesn't happen. 

So, for the first time ever - I will be keeping an eye on baseball and I'm rooting for the O's to win it in 5 games or less. 

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  1. You have the right atitude!!! Dad said the O's haven't been this far since 97!