Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Weekend Things

This weekend was the first post-marathon weekend. Marathon training takes up a LOT of time, especially when you've got really long runs on a Saturday or Sunday morning! So, what did I do with my first marathon training free weekend? Did I sleep in? Lounge around?


I went to the gym!! One of my favorite classes is called WAR, and with marathon training, I haven't been doing anything but running and yoga.

I had a blast kicking and punching for an hour Saturday morning! 
(that's me on the left in the gray shirt!)


Sunday morning I didn't sleep in either. 

What does a runner do on their first marathon free weekend? Go watch other runners at a race! HA!

About 20 people from Gruver Fitness tackled the Gettysburg Blue Gray Half Marathon! It was a beautiful day, but it was WINDY! I was running around taking pictures and cheering my heart out. For most of these people, it was their first half marathon. It was SO MUCH FUN cheering for them and especially watching their faces as they crossed the finish line. What a great day!!

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