Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What's next?

So...what's next? That's been the question in my mind lately. Once you run a marathon...what comes next? Train for another?

I'll tell you what my current plans are...
1. The York Road Runners Winter Series: This winter running series is $25 and includes 8 races of all distances from 5K to 10-miler. It starts November 9 with the longest race of the series, the Dover 10-miler. Since it's not too far away, and I'm well trained for distance, that will be my next race. 

2. The Wildcat 10K: This hilly 10K is the 3rd race in the YRRC Winter Series. For the first time, I'm going to follow a training plan specifically designed for shorter distance and increased speed in an attempt to own this race!

3. The Charlottesville Half Marathon: One of my college roommates lives in Charlottesville, and one of my BRFs (best running friends) is a UVA alumni, so this is a great location for a spring half!! Lauren (the aforementioned BRF) and I both registered to run this one. I can't wait!

I'm still not sure about fall next year. I am definitely going back to Baltimore. Possibly for the half or maybe the marathon relay. It's the Baltimore Running Festival 15th anniversary - can't miss it! Fall may include another marathon (Philly maybe?) or a few half marathons. Luckily, I've got time! 

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