Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Random Updates

Back in November, I wrote a status update that went something like "I'm so glad I don't have anymore double digit runs to do until 2015!!"

Ahhh...famous last words.

I registered for a half marathon in December.

It was irresistible.
I couldn't say no.

I will be in San Diego visiting my parents for Christmas. And there happens to be a half marathon while I'm there. And it's DOWNHILL. And it ends AT THE BEACH.

So, I'm running the San Diego Holiday Half Marathon....which means a few more double digit runs in 2014. Sunday, I ran 10 miles. I was super pleased with a 9:55 pace, on tired legs (I'd raced a 5k the day before) and a hilly route. But really - why does my face look so wrinkled in this picture??

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was just FABULOUS! Guess who actually got to come home for a day??? That's right, the BF Mark. I mentioned at the end of October that he has been away at some National Guard training. They haven't had much time off (I think they've had 3 days off since October 20th - including weekends). I was super excited to see him on Thanksgiving, and of course decided the best way to spend time together would be running a race - duh. Someone asked if he brought me flowers...he did not, but he ran the Turkey Trot with me at my pace and that's pretty much the runner's equivalent to flowers.

I spent ate my Thanksgiving meal with my surrogate family, the Senfts. Delicious food and great company!

Sunday the 30th was the second race in the York Road Runners Club Winter Series. This was a BEAST. It's a 4 mile race, and I'm not exaggerating when I say the entire last 2.75 miles is uphill. The whole first half mile is DOWN a steep hill, then you spend a little time on flat ground before winding back up again. It was TOUGH. But, I finished in 38 minutes and didn't walk one step - I was proud!
Several folks from my school run the series too!

And of course there's always a crew from Gruver Fitness!

So, that's been life lately.

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