Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Word

I've been mulling over my 2015 "Word of the Year" for quite awhile now. I almost decided not to choose one for this year, but as I was praying about it a few days ago, the word popped into my head! 2010 was "rollercoaster", 2011 was "renew", 2012 was "stronger", 2013 was "focus", 2014 was "fierce".

The word that popped into my head for 2015 is...

One of my favorite forms of exercise is yoga. I love the mind/body connection that happens on the mat. Whenever I take a yoga class, the teacher almost always has us take a moment of stillness to "set an intention" for our practice that day.

I like the word "intention" because it combines the idea of doing something with both purpose and focus. The dictionary definition is "an aim or a plan". Intention means choosing something wisely. For me, it means aiming for goals with a reason -- asking myself why -- and not just because they're there.

Now that I've made this whole "running thing" a lifestyle, the way that I approach it is different. I run because I love it, not just because it's exercise. So for me, that means picking some fitness goals this year that are about more than just running.  For example, I've signed up for a Savage Race in June and some of us are looking at forming a Ragnar Relay team for the fall. These races combine running with other elements that will keep me challenged!

Outside of fitness, it means staying focused in my walk with God and being intentional about that. I'm reading the Bible cover-to-cover this year. In the fall, some girlfriends and I started doing a bi-weekly Bible study. My time in the Word was starting to fall under the "if I have time" or "let me get this done quickly" categories. Really, it should be the top priority...the first thing on my to-do list. I'm working on that!


  1. Very well written. Love the new word! Great quote in the middle:)

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