Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Can you help a girl out?

Meet Emily. 
She's a Girl Scout, doing what most Girl Scouts are doing this time of year...selling cookies.
But Emily's not trying to get you to buy a bunch of cookies for yourself.
She wants you to buy cookies to donate to a very special place.

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

This place is also a very special place to me.
You see, Emily's dad (Ethan) was once a patient at CHP. 
He was one of a very small minority of patients at CHP who were actually in their 20s.
Ethan had osteosarcoma,
He also had a lovely young wife named Suzanne.
Ethan, like Isaac, did not get the cure he hoped for.

I never got to meet Ethan, but he and Isaac met at CHP.
Suzanne and her 2nd husband, John, drove all the way from Pittsburgh to attend Isaac's funeral.
I once called Suzanne from the Home Depot parking lot when I was having a rough moment.
She is amazing.
And so was Ethan.
And so is Emily.

So, if you're looking to support the Girl Scouts this year, but you don't want boxes of cookies in your house (like me!) -- help Emily reach her goal of taking 5,000 boxes of cookies to the patients and families at CHP!

She and her brother are coloring in a map of the US and the world as they get donations! Help Emily fill in her map!

Boxes are $4 each. You can email Emily's parents (Suzanne and John) at gscookies4chp@gmail.com and pay through PayPal!


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