Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The #Whole30 is over -- now get me a cupcake...

Guess what today is??? 
The first day AFTER the Whole30!!!! 
I did it. 
No sugar, no dairy, no grains, no legumes, no sweeteners, no alcohol, no processed foods...for 30 solid days. 

And to be honest? 
It wasn't that bad. 
The things I missed the most were: Nuun, peanut butter, and alcohol. HA!

But really -- if you do the research, and plan carefully, this is such a manageable plan. Seriously -- I even went on dates and stuck to it. I went on a FIRST date and was able to stick to it. Luckily, my date was someone who was completely understanding of my food situation, and only made fun of me a little bit when I busted out my bottle of coconut aminos at the sushi restaurant. (no soy on the Whole30!)

So, what now? I joked with some people that I planned on having wine for breakfast today. Don't worry, I didn't.  I had some gluten free oats! 

The Whole30 program suggests reintroducing the food groups back into your diet one at a time. This way, you can have a better gauge on what food items are really affecting you. Say, if I introduce non-gluten containing grains, and start breaking out or getting headaches, I can pinpoint the reaction to that particular food.

My plan for reintroduction is this:
Day 1-3: Nuun and non-gluten grains.
Day 4-5: Legumes (peanuts/beans)
Day 6-7: Dairy...though to be honest, I don't eat much dairy really.

Oh and alcohol will be reintroduced there somewhere...probably in the form of a glass of wine. Yay!

Confessions though...
I wasn't perfect.
  • My bacon was the best bacon I could find. Did it have sugar in the curing process? Yes. 
  • Once, I ate out at Panera Bread and I think it wasn't totally compliant. I got the Mediterranean Power Salad -- chicken, bacon, spinach, served with olive oil and lemon for dressing. (The chicken has some sugar in the ingredients)
  • Last week, we went for sushi somewhat spontaneously and I didn't have my coconut aminos so I dipped my fish in soy sauce.
Here's the thing -- the goal of the Whole30 is to change your relationship with food. I was still meeting that goal, even by having my imperfect bacon and my soy sauce. I mean, I brought an entire bottle of coconut aminos on a first date for crying out loud!! I was committed.

So, that's my Whole30 experience. It was hard at times, but I had some great friends doing it alongside me and we helped each other get through the cravings.  Overall, I think the Whole30 is a worthwhile plan. It helped me bust through a food rut, lose 10 pounds, and significantly clean up my diet.

(Side note: Local friends -- Essan Thai in downtown York is super at accommodating Whole30!! I ate their twice. So, if you're doing a Whole30 and are in York, definitely visit. Just don't look at the gelato case on the way in!)

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  1. Wahoo! You did it! What a super strong woman:) Good you now ready for Valentine's Day:)