Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey - Remember me?

I'm still here! In fact, I have a few blogs saved up that I've been starting and then not finishing in the past 2 months. I can't believe it's been 2 months since I blogged last!! There's been a lot going on in life, and God's been teaching me lots of things - it's just not yet time to share them. But I will!

So anyway, allow me to sum up the past 2 months in one simple meme:

Ugh. So I haven't gained "all" the weight - but I have gained 10 pounds. Which didn't seem like a lot until I tried on my capris yesterday and felt like a stuffed sausage. Ugh again.

I have a theory about why I've been eating all the food and gaining all the weight, and it has to do with some life things and stress. I'm totally an emotional/stress eater!!

My first thought as I stood in my bedroom with tears in my eyes last night was - I can't tell anyone about this. I mean - I post pictures all the time of my runs and my healthy food. I can't admit the 10 pound gain.

But then I remembered what helped me to be so successful in the first place - blogging. I shared every detail of my journey. So, here I am admitting it to you. My scale currently says 179 pounds. The lowest it has been is 165, but I really settled happily at 169 pounds.

I feel the effects of the 10 pounds. I feel sluggish. My clothes don't fit well. I'm cranky. My runs haven't been awesome. Really, my meals have been on point. It's just the in between meals that have been getting me - pretty much if there's frosting on it, I've eaten it daily for the past month. SUGAR OVERLOAD.

So what's a girl to do? 

First - I stood in front of my mirror and reminded myself how far I've come and how hard I've worked and that I'm no longer someone who fails at this.

Second - I fessed up to some of my girlfriends and asked for their help.

Third - I picked a start date for Whole30 round #2! (May 4)

Fourth - I'm committing to blog about it. Good, bad, and stuffed sausage ugly. I will check in here on Mondays. I will finish the unfinished blogs! And I will share some of the stuff that's on my heart and causing me stress - sharing helps me.

So there you have it. Me, 10 pounds heavier and not loving it. But doing something about it!!


  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    Love Ya,
    Mom & Dad Smith

  2. Step one...own it! You are on your way. The ten will leave quickly. Go get 'em!! Love you!

  3. Oh dear Jess. I am SO with and I so get it. I just blogged about this type of thing last week. I am so proud of you for putting it out there!! We are human!! We do our best!!! Hugs to you!