Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Car Accident and a Sweet Surprise

Last Friday, I had my first car accident. The car (a black 2007 Honda CR-V EX) looks a lot worse than I ended up - thank goodness! It happened around 5:15pm, as I was leaving the gym. I was traveling in the right hand land of a 2 lane road. The left hand lane is a turn lane and was backed up with traffic. A car traveling in the opposite direction snuck between two of the stopped cars to make a turn - and didn't see me traveling down the right hand lane. I didn't see them until I was running into them and my airbag was deploying in my face.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. I didn't even wake up the next morning with so much as a sore muscle. And, thankfully, my boyfriend works right down the street from where it happened, so he was able to come over and pick me up!

I can't tell you how grateful I am to have had this guy by my side through the aftermath of the accident. I HATE making phone calls and dealing with things like insurance companies. He, however, loves making phone calls and deals with that stuff really well. So while I just kept crying, and getting frustrated, he calmly made arrangements for a rental car for me and got a lot of things take care of.

After they determined my car was a total loss and issued me a check (for $3,000 more than I was expecting!),  the BF and I went car shopping. I did purchase my old CR-V all by myself, so I while I was capable of car shopping alone, I wanted to take him along as a 2nd opinion and because he works in the mortgage business so he knows things about finances and what not.

We test drove the 2015 versions of the Nissan Rogue, Ford Escape, Toyota RAV-4, and the CR-V. I'd never purchased a brand new car before, but with a decent down payment and great financing offers - it made sense this time.

As I suspected, I ended up with what basically amounts to the 2015 version of my old car. A black, Honda CR-V EX. I was expecting to pick it up on Wednesday, but on Tuesday, my guy came to my house with flowers and said "Do you want to go pick up your car today?" - He surprised me by calling the dealership and arranging to have the car ready a day early for me. {insert collective "AWWW" here}

Naturally, the first thing I did was put my 26.2 magnet on the car!

 I love this car!


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