Friday, May 1, 2015

Goal Crusher.

My current half marathon PR (personal record) is 1:59:45, which I earned last year at the Ocean City, Maryland Half Marathon.

When I started training, I had 2 goals in mind. My first goal was to finally crack an 8 minute mile at some point in training - and I did that on my first speed run in February! My second goal is to get a new PR. This course is flat and fast, making it definitely PR worthy.

But, to be honest...I'm not going into this race with a great deal of confidence for a few reasons.

I actually typed a whole post listing the excuses reasons I wasn't feeling confident but I deleted it.

When I started training, I bought myself this "goal crusher" tank from Fellow Flowers. I imagined myself going into this race with perfect training and feeling totally badass. For the past week, I debated even wearing the tank in the race because I don't feel badass.

But then I realized this -- I may not crush the goal I have for this race, but I have crushed a hell of a lot of other goals. In fact, just the fact that I kept going through training when it wasn't going the way I wanted to is a goal crushed. The fact that running 13.1 miles isn't even the slightest bit intimidating to me anymore is a goal crushed. Losing 70+ pounds is a goal crushed. Showing up when you don't feel confident is a goal crushed.

I used to weigh 250 pounds. I couldn't run one whole lap around the track at a 12:00 mile pace. I'm now heading into my NINTH half-marathon, I weigh 179 pounds, and I plan on running somewhere around 9:00 miles tomorrow.

Am I a goal crusher?


"The odds are against me. Too slow. Too old. Self-doubt. Having a baby. Just had a baby. No time. No training partner. The kids need me. It's dark out. It's too early. I'm tired. I have to work. It hurts. I'm scared they'll laugh. Doctor said I shouldn't. Can't find a sitter. Life is too busy. I look in the mirror and don't see a runner. What if I fail? 
NO MORE EXCUSES...I'm doing this anyway."
{quote from the Fellow Flowers purple line}


  1. You go girl!! Just relax and it will come together with a great time:) Good Luck! Love You

  2. You ARE a goal crusher dear girl...and a very inspirational one!! Again, I am right with you...I could so write what you are writing {except your are way faster!!}. Thanks for the reminder to remember the goals that I have crushed!